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    Check out our other website
    Check out our other website

    Our new website "Sustainable Outdoor Gear NZ" caters for the outdoors enthusiast, products which are affordable and value for money. Products designed more for sustainability and flexibility of use, rather than a specific product designed for a specialised application, accompanied with a specialised...

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    Blushield Placement Guide

    Article courtesy of Blushield Large Area PlacementThe large area model or ‘The Cube’ offers the best protection within a school or large office. The cube has a 180 metre diameter field coverage (90m radius) so it should cover most schools...

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    Blushield Product Specs

    Article courtesy of Blushield While many of our EMF protection devices are suitable for a variety of situations, this table shows our recommended models for use in typical daily life. Choose a model that best matches your type of location...

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