AUSJ Water Heaters – 6L Capacity 240V Water Heaters

Aus J water heating products are manufactured in Australia, they design and manufacture these high quality 12v and 240v water heaters. These products are light weight, well insulated and compact and can be fitted to either a car, 4x4, Service/ Tradie vehicles, camper, caravan, boat, holiday batch, hut etc. 

Ideal for those who operate the following: Tow-truck, stock trucks,mobile service vehicle, breakdowns, repairs etc, once the work is done, cleaning up and getting to the next job is no longer nightmare. With hot water on demand, for cleaning up, washing parts, etc is now possible. Most 24v systems will have 24v-12v step-down transformers to cater for the lower 12v utilities. 

The benefits of these systems over the competitors is the heating element is positioned directly at the inlet, this reduces heat loss and time required in the heating process. The rugged design allows these products to be mounted into your vehicle using your 12v system.

Where vehicles/ boats fitted with a 12v Inverter, 240v water heaters can be used. (Ensure supply voltage of Inverter is capable to maintain constant voltage of the water heater including the other accessories). 

These are designed and have been fitted into 4x4 Overlanding vehicles and subjected to the rough & harsh terrain. Getting within 40mins of your destination, turning the heater on, eventually arriving at your destination with immediate hot water on demand. Water can be either provided from a garden hose, bucket or drawn directly from a stream or river.

The products can be fitted to either mains pressure or a 12v pump depending on your requirements. All water heaters are thermostatically controlled and come with a run-dry protection (after you have initially filled the unit up for the first time). Heating element is made of Incoloy 840, the unit is insulated. Setting your preferred temperature is easy, just rotate the dial to your desired temperature.

Temperature range: 

12v:  25 deg C - 70 deg C 

240v: 25 deg C - 75 deg C

These light weight compact water heaters come in either 6 Litre or 10 Litre capacities, they offer them in either 12v or 240v configurations.

Two models:
1: Aqueous: There are two models available: 6 Litre and 10 Litre capacity. The Aqueous are only available as a single voltage system. The Aqueous 6L models are available in either 12v or 240v systems. 

The Aqueous 10L model is only available in 240v.

2: Duoetto: Has a capacity of 10 Litres and is a dual voltage system, 12v and 240v systems.