Campfire Cast Iron Camp Oven 2 Quart (1.9 Litres)

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Pre-Seasoned: During manufacturing, a controlled spray system coats the entire surface with a vegetable oil mix, it’s then treated at 450°. This ensures the superior coating soaks through the porous surface, resulting in a rich deep finish.

Dimensions approx: 20.5cm x 20.5cm

Capacity approx: 1.9 Litres

Weight approx: 3.7Kgs

Ready to use: No need to remove messy wax residue, as with some other brands. Simply wash in warm water – dry well and use.

Indented Lid: The only way a camp oven should be!

Solid dense structure: Ensuring a consistent cooking temperature. Heats evenly – retains heat and versatile. Lasting for generations of outdoor cooking.