Pulsar Expert VMR 8x40 Binocular

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Rugged, fully waterproof IP67 binoculars with unique inbuilt light filters. Suitable for all professional users, such as skippers, Coastguard, Search and Rescue, and those who require absolute reliability.

The Pulsar Expert VMR 8x40 is based upon a proven military design, but with additional features that sets a new standard for clarity and functionality.

The internal mechanism is protected by a shock resistant, glass filled polymer body, that distributes shock around the outside of the casing, in the same way that a crash helmet protects a head. This body is very strong, light, and easy to hold with cold and wet hands, and gloves, due to rubberised armoured panels.

The Pulsar Expert VMR is certified to meet international water ingress rating of IP67 (IEC 60529) (Mil-Std 810). These binoculars are fully immersible in water,float, and are dry nitrogen purged to prevent internal fogging.

Superior optical clarity and light transmission is due to the use of high quality, precision ground, fully multi-coated lenses, and Bak-3 Type II Porro-prisms. The Objective lenses are protected by a flat, multi-coated glass window, that repels water.

The Pulsar Expert VMR has an inbuilt light filtration system, that can be activated by moving a lever on the underside of the body. The three viewing modes are:

  • No filter: 
    For general use, and in low light levels, when maximum light transmission is required
  • Haze filter (ECM):
    This is a yellow filter that effectively removes scattered blue light and ultraviolet. This adds contrast in hazy conditions.
  • Ant-glare filter (EPM): 
    This is a polarising filter that removes specular reflections from water, glass, and metallic surfaces. Especially good for sea and lake use.

The large aperture eyepieces are fitted with flexible rubber light Shields. The objective lens protection windows are protected with flip open covers. Focusing and diopter adjustment is smooth and easy, even in temperatures as low as -35 Celsius.


In October 2014 Christine from Archetype Precision Systems sent us some equipment to trial, including binoculars, night vision and thermal imaging systems.

One of the binocular sets was a Pulsar Expert VMR 8x40, which we tested during daylight hours, dusk and into early evening. They were light and comfortable to hold giving an amazingly steady view, even on a rocking boat. There was no shake, even at distance, and the view through them was absolutely clear.

They also have fitted 'yellow/polarising' filters. The view remained clear, precise and almost had a 'night vision' look, making objects stand out, especially during sunset. Five of us tested the equipment, including experienced Coastguard members and an ex-Aussie sailor (yeah, I know, I'm sorry!) with ten years experience. Not one of us wanted to send these binos back to Christine!

Franco Horridge
President West Coast Coastguard

Model 72085
Magnification: 8 x
Lens Diameter: 40 mm
Resolution: <7.5 arc seconds 
Eye Relief: mm 15
Field of View: 8 degrees
Dimensions: 200×136×80 mm
Weight: 0.82 kg
Tripod mount: yes